Lunar Network: International Women’s Day

Lunar Network held its special event for International Women’s Day on Sunday 11th March. This was the second event for Lunar Network, which is an exciting new network in Birmingham connecting ambitious Young Professionals together.  This is a network for people who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone to learn new skills they would ordinarily not gain from sitting at their desks. It is a great platform to expand your professional circle and to raise your personal profile outside of your workplace. Their events have a good mix of social interaction together with an element of learning making it very welcoming for new people to join and meet people outside of their normal circles. There is plenty of interaction on the day to include everyone, and icebreakers to get people talking, feedback has been great from guests with 5 start reviews on their Facebook page.

Each of their events has a focus on an educational topic, which is something Lunar Network are very passionate about as they wish to give something positive back to the community, skills people can use not only in the workplace but also in their personal lives. Their event in January was focused around Public speaking strategies and Islamic banking principles, and their recent event was focused around Leadership and Confidence.

The main objective of their International Women’s Day event was to inspire women from different backgrounds to push the boundaries and to aim for senior roles.  Rosie, Ambassador for Lunar Network recognises that there is a lack of females in leadership roles locally, and West Midlands has the worst gender pay gap in the UK. She was passionate to provide a platform for women to meet others in leadership roles and to learn from their experiences, get career tips and ask questions to help them in their personal journey.  She also wanted to draw on examples from successful women in Islam and highlight the qualities that made them good leaders and role models which we can implement into our daily lives.

The event was enjoyed by 40 people and was held at the heart of the Balti Triangle, Shababs Restaurant which is a favourite of the BBC Hairy Bikers.  It was great to see that not only was the event attended by professionals in Birmingham, but the event attracted professionals from outside of the Midlands who came to benefit from the fantastic programme and experience of the high-profile guest speakers.  The event coincided with Mothering Sunday, one of the busiest days of the year, despite this the event was a huge success and a fantastic evening of networking, which highlighted the benefit the community perceived from attending a Lunar Network event.


Zaheer Khan was the host for the evening, he was eager to support an important initiate for the community bringing so many people together for personal development. He himself is surrounded by so many strong female role models in his family and this came out in his speech at the event. Zaheer sent out a strong message to the community that it is important for men to support projects empowering women, and we need to see more of this, especially within our Asian culture.

The event was sponsored by Penny Appeal, who also attended to celebrate the achievements of local women in the community. Ridwana Wallace-Laher talked about the work Penny Appeal are doing through their Wow Campaign, a programme set up to achieve gender equality and empower women and girls all over the world. They highlighted the positive outcomes achieved from their work which has not only benefited these individuals, but their families, communities and even their countries at large.

Guest Speakers at the event included well-known names such as Salma Yaqoob Activist & Psychotherapist, Shabina Qayyum Lead GP, Columnist & Radio Presenter, Ambreen Khan Professional Coach & Radio Presenter, Khatiza Bawa Solicitor & Radio Presenter, Samia Khan Principle Dentist, Gadah Agel Community Pharmacist, and Hafsa Rehman Spoken Word Artist & Radio Presenter. All sharing their experience in leadership roles and strategies to build your career. The speakers networked with guests throughout the evening and participated in career discussions.  Pictures and videos from the evening were supported by HMedia Photography and J’adore Media Production, and can be viewed online. Businesses who exhibited their brands on the evening included Inteletravel and Fit Lounge. A selection of prizes were donated by Awan International, Naturyl Glow and Beauty Hub 45. Special branded cupcakes were donated by Cupcakes by Farah and S.A Cupcakes Co.

The Lunar Network organises regular networking event throughout the year in Birmingham, events take place in the City Centre, Edgbaston, Moseley and Solihull. They have 3 main networking groups, Professionals group, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs group, and Females in Business & Entrepreneurs group. To join an event visit their website where you can become a member.

As we move into the summer months the Lunar Network will be holding some outdoor networking events which include Cycling Sessions and Group Travel.  There will also be a ‘Street Food’ themed Ramadan Mubarak Dinner & Networking event taking place in Solihull on the 12th May. All details can be found at

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