Lunar Network Video: Professionals Networking Events Birmingham

Lunar Network is an exciting new network in Birmingham connecting ambitious Young Professionals together.  This is a network for people who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone to learn new skills they would ordinarily not gain from sitting at their desks. It is a great platform to expand your professional circle and to raise your personal profile outside of your workplace. Their events have a good mix of social interaction together with an element of learning making it very welcoming for new people to join and meet people outside of their normal circles. There is plenty of interaction on the day to include everyone, and icebreakers to get people talking, feedback has been great from guests with 5 start reviews on their Facebook page.

Each of their events has a focus on an educational topic, which is something Lunar Network are very passionate about as they wish to give something positive back to the community, skills people can use not only in the workplace but also in their personal lives. 

In addition to organising events they also organise outdoor activities for their members such as networking cycle rides, as well as group travel abroad.

To become a member and benefit from their networking opportunities register at 

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