We have grown from a handful of friends at the bank to over 100 members across the Midlands.

We have grown from a handful of friends at the bank to over 100 members across the Midlands.

Lunar Network Birmingham
Lunar Network

Lunar Network started off as a group of 60 members from the Bank in Birmingham and soon expanded to attract over 100 more members externally.

In a matter of months, we are now a strong platform in Birmingham promoting Networking, Career and Personal Development for Professionals, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs.

For Professionals this is a great platform to raise your profile outside of your workplace, build on your networking skills and confidence, as well as meet new people outside of your usual circle. Especially with the increase in Young Professionals now relocating and working in Birmingham.

Business owners benefit from connecting with other businesses, keeping up to date with what is happening within the local community, meeting people who may be ahead in their business achievements and learning from them. We are lucky to be supported by inspirational leaders in the community who speak at our events, this is a great opportunity to ask them questions and to learn from their strategies.

This is a fantastic platform for growth. We hold regular events, some are sector specific and others are general networking events to bring all of our groups together.

Some sector specific events we hold via our groups:
– Banking & Finance Network
– Medical & Healthcare Network
– Legal Network
– Education Network
– IT & Engineering Network
– Accelerate Women

See our events pages to join our next events. This is a Membership Network, Lunar Network members enjoy FREE unlimited access to participate in all of our events.

*We are regularly seeking inspirational speakers to present at our events on topics which would be useful for both personal development, and in the workplace. If you would like to take part please contact us. 

Lunar Network Birmingham

Welcome to Lunar Network!

Thank you for visiting us at Lunar Network.  We are a membership network connecting professionals, graduates and small businesses together across the Midlands. 

We aim to engage with more professionals across the Midlands to further our work inspiring and upskilling individuals from different diverse backgrounds. Lunar Network is open to all professionals from different backgrounds, it is important to us that our network is made up of mixed members so we can continue to learn from one another. With this in mind we would really encourage more Women and BAME individuals to join as we have identified there is not enough development opportunities available within organisations.

During the current Covid pandemic and Lockdown we have started to focus on organising outdoor networking activities to continue our work and make it more comfortable for people to attend. There is also an urgent need to support professionals with positive mental health and wellbeing activities over this difficult time whilst everything has come to a standstill and we spend long periods of time indoors at home. Outdoor activities is another area where there is a lack of diverse representation from women and BAME. We hope to put on regular activities to engage and encourage participation from these groups as well as being recognised as an inclusive network for professionals.

How we Support Women in the Workplace

The Women in Leadership Wellbeing programme is for women who are looking for a safe ‘female only’ group to go outdoors with to support their physical and mental wellbeing as well as networking opportunities to meet other professional women to learn from, talk about issues women face in the workplace, how they can be supported with their career development into leadership including aspects of their personal life that would lead to a better work life balance.

Our programme is open to women of all backgrounds and has been particularly helpful to those
(1) women who want to meet other professional women to help progress their career into leadership
(2) women that have had cultural hardships where women are not allowed to work, they may not be supported at home, they may be the first women in their family to enter into the workplace and need a support network around them to talk to and learn from
(3) women who are relatively new in the UK so don’t have a large personal circle and want to meet other professional women to network with

Women have found our group help them to feel more confident, empowered and has helped their speaking and communication skills, as they are meeting new people, part of an active and supportive community where they feel safe to participate in activities they wouldn’t necessarily do so by themselves.

Employer Reimbursement Support

A number of organisations are very supportive to cover their staff costs associated with women’s career development, women’s networking and employee wellbeing (especially now during Covid as people has suffered over Lockdown with their mental health and wellbeing, many are still suffering with anxiety and would benefit from support groups) and may reimburse your membership programme fee under their HR workplace policies. It is worth speaking with your employer to see what support you can get.

If you are looking to claim your Membership Fee back from your employer then please indicate this on your application form. We are happy to supply a copy of this completed application form directly to your employer and proof of your membership payment.

Membership Dates

Our Annual Programme runs from August 2021 until August 2022. The programme annual cost is the same all year round no matter when you join, therefore we encourage you to join early to make the most of the programme.

If you are claiming your membership programme fee back from your employer, we will send them a copy of your completed application form once you have made your payment.

The membership programme fee is non-refundable.

Corporate Membership Programmes

We currently have 2 programmes available.

1) UK Wellbeing Walking Day Breaks & Meet Up Networking Events
(£95 per month) £1,140 annually

This is our most popular programme where we take groups of women out regularly around the UK to network with other women, to de-stress and to have a complete break from their busy work week on a Saturday. These tend to be longer city walks, country walks as well as walks along the UK coastline. Women find these days highly beneficial for their personal development and confidence, as they are travelling to new places they wouldn’t ordinarily visit alone, learning life skills, independence, becoming more confident to venture outside of their comfort zone, try new things and lean about new places.

In addition to the full day trips, we meet regularly at Cannon Hill Park (Birmingham) on a Saturday to complete an easy-going circular route of 10k steps (1.5 – 2 hour walk).

We also have a regular Meet & Greet Event at a coffee house in Moseley (Birmingham) on a Saturday to welcome new members and network with professionals. There are opportunities to speak at our events to improve your public speaking skills, so you can get practice in a safe environment to help you at work and get feedback. 

2) Cannon Hill Park Wellbeing Short Walks & Meet Up Networking Events
(£45 per month) £540 annually

This programme is a lighter version of our main wellbeing programme above, which includes the Cannon Hill Park walks and Meet Up events in Birmingham.
£540 annually (£45 per month)

*All our walks are social walks, the cost of the membership does not include tour guides or mountain guides

Our Story

Our story started off in 2016 as a small group of friends working at one of the largest global Banks in management roles. We felt there was a lack of internal activities and networking groups to bring together people from different parts of the business and different diversities to network, share, learn and polish up their general skills which would help us with career progression into senior leadership roles. 

There were no programmes in place to support Women or individuals from BAME backgrounds and this was something we were very keen to have available. Many of us have come from backgrounds where Women had not previously completed education beyond secondary school, never mind working in industry, so having more opportunities for skills building, confidence and mentoring was important to us. This was something we felt large corporate organisations to today do not understand.

We started organising small events internally to bring colleagues together across all our Birmingham offices. Over time we grew to organising events externally to reach more professionals from different corporate and private organisations across Birmingham.

Over the last few years we have reached over 100 women alone with our work who have not attended any events like this previously. This has been fantastic achievement for us to get more people out and engaged in personal development activities and greatly received by the community.  We are grateful for the support of everyone who have participated in our events and speakers who have volunteered their time to join us.

There is still so much more work we can do to help more women and individuals from BAME communities in positive ways and are always looking for more people to join and support us. 

Please support our work by Following us on Social Media and sharing our Social Pages with your Friends and Family to get involved!

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