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Welcome to the Club!

Enjoy a discounted membership rate to attend all our events, all year round!

Not only will you get to attend our events shared on the website, we will invite you to attend additional private events just for members. These are posted on our social media, so do add our pages.

As a member you can also share your own events with us and we will circulate to see if anyone wishes to join you e.g. theatre night.

We also have our own Travel group and go away on 4 group holidays a year.

We attract people from all over the UK who come specifically to attend our events. 

Join now to be part of this exclusive Professionals Network. 

(Links below will be available on the weekend to book)




*Lunar Network Membership does not include the cost of food, drink, entrance fees, travel, accommodation, flights. The Membership is for a 12 month period and is non-refundable 

*terms & conditions apply 

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