*Sadly all our events at Lunar Network have ended now following 2 years of Women Wellbeing activities during Covid. 

We may be able to support you on an individual basis, for a request for a Private Wellbeing day if there is somewhere you would like to visit, to help you get outdoors and do something positive for your health and wellbeing. Please contact us and we will get back to you about your Private booking request. 

Follow us on all our Social Media pages to stay updated with our news (direct links at the bottom of the page)

All our events fill up quickly, so please book your tickets below soon if you wish to attend an event. 

Meeting point and full details will be shared to booked attendees only for safety reasons.  We will have a Group size of approx 10 people.
Once you have booked you will be added to a private group to input on the restaurant choice. There are plenty of restaurants with ventilation and we will go for the venue everyone is comfortable with. Please see full FAQs below. 
Sadly this will be the last event we are organising for Lunar Network and will be a farewell get together. We have been organising voluntary walks all throughout lockdown to help people stay connected outdoors, we didn’t plan to be organising outdoor activities for this long but it has been great that many people benefited. We hope you can join us one last time.

Next events coming up on the website from next week:
Dec - New Years Eve Dinner,
Jan - Sisters Monthly Halqa,
Jan - Enchanted Winter Castle trip

EVENTS Frequently Asked Questions & Terms and Conditions:

1) Who can attend the events?
Our events are for Professional Females, who are currently working, in between jobs or on a career break.
Women who attend our events are mainly in their 20s, 30s and 40s. We are a friendly bunch who love exploring and making new friends.
To maintain the positive spirit of the group, we do have a code of conduct and everyone is expected to act in a polite and respectful manner with everyone in the same way as you would do in the workplace. Anyone disrupting the group, being rude to our staff etc will not be allowed to join future events. We take behaviour standards very seriously.

2) What type of events do you organise?
We organise all type of fun events such as outdoor hikes, dinners at trendy restaurants, day trips out to different cities to explore as a group etc. Anyone attending will need to be able to walk comfortably for a few hours. It is your responsibility to check with your doctor if you have any medical conditions, we cannot take any responsibility. 

3) I am a mother can I bring my children?
This network is for professionals only and is for women’s wellbeing. Women come out to our events to have a break from their work and home life and to network with other similar minded women. This is the purpose of our group to provide a space where you can take time out for yourself and take care of your own wellbeing free from children / work etc.

4) How much is it to attend an event?
The Ticket Price is listed on each event poster. We charge a Ticket Fee for each event to cover our Website running costs.
(Tickets fees do not include food/drink, transport, tourist attraction fees etc)

5) Where can we meet up on the day or in advance to travel with others?
The meeting point is only shared out to people booked on the event for safety reasons. Once booked, you will be added to a Private Chat Group on Facebook and will be able to speak with the whole group to organise travel plans or meet us at the end location.
(For Trips outside of Birmingham we tend to travel via train and meet up at a Birmingham train station beforehand).

6) I live outside of Birmingham, can I attend your events?
Yes of course, we have people attend from all over the UK. Our group is open to all including people from different diverse backgrounds.

7) How big is the group size?
To make the trip more enjoyable for everyone, we tend to have a cap at 10 people, so if you wish to join you need to book quickly as places do fill up fast.

8) Where do you eat?
We like to visit trendy Instagramable venues which have great food and great atmosphere. The venues tend to have options for Vegans / Vegetarian / Halal, as these are the dietary requirements that have been raised with us so far. We share restaurant options in the Private Chat Group and you can contribute with suggestions too if there is a place you wish to visit. We normally need to book a table well in advance, so please book your place early so we can accommodate your requests. 

9) How often do you organise events?
We organise events once a month and posters are updated to our website below. Some months we may have additional seasonal events, depending on what is happening at the time. 

10) When is the next event?
All bookable events are listed below with posters. You can save and share these posters out with your friends. 
All upcoming events are shared here on our website, Facebook page, Facebook groups, Instagram and Strava.  Follow us on all these platforms to stay up to date. 
If there is no event poster below please check again in 1 weeks time as we may be updating the website.

11) Can I sign up to get notified of your next event?
Yes you can drop us an email and we will keep you updated (we will be putting up an online form soon on the website). 
All our events are first announced on Social Media, so make sure you are following us on Facebook, Instagram, Strava and YouTube. 

12) If I book with my Friend can I get a discount?
Yes we offer a Friends discount, which means you both get £5 off your ticket! (not just you!)
To qualify for this offer you both need to book your tickets at the same time and day, so we can see both bookings together. You will need to input your bookings individually from your own devices and put the name of the person you are attending with on your own booking form. 

13) Do you offer any Refunds if I cannot attend?
Unfortunately, as we only release very few tickets and rely on these fees to cover our costs for the event, advertising and website we cannot provide a refund as this has an impact on us. Please ensure you can attend before making your booking.

14) When do ticket sales end?
Ticket sales automatically close on the website 2 days before the event, so please make sure you book your place in advance before the website closes. If you cannot book a ticket in advance then it is likely that all tickets have sold out for the event.  

15) How do I book a Ticket on your website?
Click the ‘Book Now’ button.
On the bookings page follow these steps
1) Select the Event type
2) Select the Date
3) Select the Time
4) Fill in the booking form and Book
5) Check your email and Junk Mail for payment link
6) Submit your payment details
7) Don’t close the payment Confirmation page and follow the link to join our Private Facebook Chat Group 

16) I have followed the booking steps above but there are no time slots available for the date?
The likely reason for this is that the event has Sold out. You can email us to double check if you wish. 

17) What happens if an event is cancelled due to Bad Weather / Covid? 
We do not cancel events if it rains, we still go out all year round. We will only cancel events if there is a storm, flood, snow etc and will let everyone know by email and in our Private Facebook Chat Group. Also at the moment if there are any restrictions with Covid or if our Host is unwell then we would have to cancel the event. In both these circumstances we would postpone the event date.

We are following COVID guidelines. Please do not turn up if you or anyone in your household has a temperature, continuous cough or any other COVID symptoms. Remember your PPE, social distance etiquettes will be observed. If you do start to develop any COVID symptoms and have recently attended any of our events, then please get in touch with us to let us know as soon as possible.

18) Do you take pictures and videos at your events for social media promotional material?
Photographs, video and film footage is taken at our events in connection with the promotion of Lunar Network and our connected brands. This includes for our website, social media, external commercial use, local press and media outlets. By agreeing to our terms and attending our events, you confirm that you grant your permission for this material to be used, or your likeness and voice to be included therein without compensation, credit or other consideration. If you are not happy to be photographed or filmed, then please do not attend our events as we are unable to remove you from photographs and film or make individual adjustments. Anyone who continues to join our events and then requests to have content removed or edited will be subject to a £300 fee per event, due to loss of content and admin costs. 

As this is a Membership Group, we have 2 Private Groups for our Members on Facebook. All our events are planned and shared in these groups.  Are Facebook groups are more up to date than our website, so please join these groups to participate in our network. 

Cannon Hill Park Walking Group:
Facebook Group Link

UK Wellbeing Day Trips:
Facebook Group Link

From time to time we publish our Events onto Eventbrite, you can follow the button below to view our page. However Facebook Groups is where all our events are published. 

Walking Group Birmingham UK
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